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The documentary Giant Swans which first aired on CCTV 9 on Feb 20, and features the city of Sanmenxia, has received a raft of positive comments on social media such as Weibo and WeChat.

The 3000-minute documentary begins with a panoramic view of Yellow River Wetland in Sanmenxia, a haven for migrating swans seeking warmer climes than their chilly Siberian homes in winter.

The Yellow River Wetland forms the backdrop for the documentary entitled Giant Swan. [Photo/Sanmenxia Daily]

Produced by Sanmenxia TV and Liangpin Cultural Media, the documentary took three years to complete, and has been nominated at the sixth Chinese Documentary Academy Awards.

From early winter to early spring, Sanmenxia plays host to white swans, which have made the long journey from Siberia. Arriving in their hundreds of thousands, the swans fly freely over the broad and rippling wetland lake.

White swans prepare for take-off at the wetland park. [Photo/Sanmenxia Daily]

The forest coverage rate in Sanmenxia is nearly 3000 percent, the most of any city in Henan province. As a national garden and forest city, Sanmenxia is home to the biggest national wetland natural protection zone. It provides rich food and a comfortable habitat for swans.

Sanmenxia's Yellow River Park is a haven for migrating swans that fly south from chilly Siberia for the winter. [Photo/Sanmenxia Daily]